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Become a design partner

We develop our interfaces with flexibility and design-ability in mind. For us, design is more than just styling buttons. It’s the art of turning visitors into consumers, and it is the art of hearing what our customers want and need, even when they don’t know. If you know how to to listen, and if you can wrangle pixels and wrestle code into something useful and selling, we would be happy to send business your way.

Build awesome apps

For our customers, it’s important to reach the consumer wherever they are. It doesn’t have to be in the browser or in the store – their business needs to be everywhere, all the time. We love data, big and small, so we have collected 10 years worth of visitor, transaction, and product data. If you have ideas or plans for great apps that can help our customers reach their consumers, we will make the data and our commerce engine available to you.

The Jetshop eco system

We want to offer great services that can help our customers grow their business. As a partner in the Jetshop eco system you will have access to all of our sales channels and will be able to take part in our marketing activities. So, by helping our customers to grow, you will grow your own business.

Apply to be a Jetshop partner today – or pop over for a visit.